The “Amman Message” in Thessaloniki

British Council joined forces with the Navarino Network in Thessaloniki, the Centre for Social Relations at Coventry University in the UK and the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS) in Jordan to host a seminar, under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki as part of the anniversary celebrations of Saints Cyril and Methodius, to discuss the Amman Message, a landmark statement that seeks to clarify the real essence of Islam in the world. The seminar had aims to bring together a group of experts and academics from the UK, Greece and Jordan in a discussion to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue, deepen our understanding of the Message and examined the potential of the Amman Message in Europe and Greece.

The Photobook “Amman Message in Thessaloniki” (88 pages 20×25 cm, 113 photos) is available.
The PDFile “Amman Message in Thessaloniki” is available for download. Order it here.